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Natural Weed and Pest Control

I know how much we’ve been going on about not wasting things, and how poisoning the Earth could be the biggest waste of them all !
( Joe can just remember when ‘Silent Spring’ came out – I wasn’t even born, but where would we be without Rachel’s book today ?)

But our poisons are a lot more sophisticated now than that old DDT of course, these systemic pesticides effect the whole of the plant.
And whatever, or whomever, eats it !

That is just one of the reasons why really support biological pest controls.
( And some controls are not as obvious as you think.)

Our natural pest and weed controls basically come under two headings - preventing pests - or killing ‘em !

Natural biological pest control, for example Steinernema kraussei for Vine Weevil, or Phytoseiulus persimilis for Red Spider Mite, are bio controls simply using Nature’s organic answers to really sort out damaging pests.

Our prevention ideas include Mulch Mats, Tagetes plants and Neem Fertiliser all proven to put off slugs, and such bad types as root knot nematodes.

Whether “terminal” or preventive our bio controls have one definite thing in common.

They will not harm you, the kids or the pets !

Whether you call them biological pest controls, bio controls, organic ‘pesticides’ or simply natural pest prevention you know they are safe, natural and easy to use.

Putting something back - Organic, Sustainable, Biodegradable - Just growing Natures Way