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Wren Limited Edition Print
Wren Limited Edition Print

Fresh Pods

That's 2,800,000 Tomatoes per day !
( Or 46,000 tons per year - 'WRAP' did the counting)
Along with 1,600,000 Bananas
(78,000 tons, although Bananas have things to answer for !)
And an absolutely massive 4,400,000 Apples
( 179,000 tons a year, only potatoes come close at 177,000 tons p.a. with 5,100,000 thrown away per day !)
'Fresh Pods'- recycled plastic containers containing special sachets of secret organically approved ingredients.
( Which I'll tell you all about in a minute !)
All of this shopping will really last so much longer with a 'Fresh Pod'.
(But really hate all that plastic, makes that cucumber looks so, so tempting !)
Well, just guess what I'm going to on about now ?

Waste - that's what !

O.K. that's a real change I hear you sigh .......

( New to 'The Natural Gardener' ? You'll soon know that I bore for team GB on waste ! )

But how about if I go on.... and on...... and then save you some dosh as well as saving loads of waste ?

Stick with me a while, I know it's not a sexy subject but I also know that families throw away over 30% of the food they buy.

Yep, on average every of every £ we spend on food, 33p goes into the dustbin (or, at best, on to the compost heap, or in to your wormery.)

Why all does all this stuff go off, almost as soon as they go in the fruit bowl or the 'fridge sometimes ?

Well, it's not your fault.

It's all that there 'Ethylene' gas - and Bananas in particular give off loads of it.
( Told you they had something to answer for - always try and store them separately from other stuff, soft fruit in particular.)

But we have a cunning plan, naturally - 'Fresh Pods' we call them.

Put these Fresh Pods in your refrigerator, or fruit bowl or even just close to your fresh flowers and they will, by just sucking that Ethylene out of the air, make your fresh fruit and flowers last so much longer.*
Look at the trial below.
(To make it easier to see the effect, we have taken the sachets out of the 'Fresh Pod'. )
Fresh Pod Ethylene Control Tests
June—July 2012

Images below taken 19th June 2012. Samples on the left hand side are stored with 1gm
Fresh Pod sachets, whilst the samples on the right are stored as normal in a domestic fridge.

Images below taken 3rd July 2012. Samples on the left hand side are stored with 1gm Fresh
Pod sachets, whilst the samples on the right are stored as normal in a domestic fridge.

Images below taken 6th July 2012. Samples on the left hand side are stored with 1gm Fresh
Pod sachets, whilst the samples on the right are stored as normal in a domestic fridge.

Images below taken 10th July 2012. Samples on the left hand side are stored with 1gm Fresh
Pod sachets, whilst the samples on the right are stored as normal in a domestic fridge.

Could you still use a tomato ( O.K. if only for grilling) after 3 weeks ?
Ours tended to look very sad after a week or so !

What's the story ?
Well, it's simple really.

Ethylene gas causes things to age, and it's given off by all fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers.
(Joe must have been sitting very close to that fruit bowl !)

As a double whammy, the ethylene gas given off is re absorbed by the fruit and veg - so they age even more quickly.

So, we just take away the ethylene - said it was simple didn't I !

The process, approved as a natural and organic, involves Zeolite.
This Zeolite stuff is found where volcanic ash and alkaline water have combined for a while ( well, a long, long while.)
It's micro porous, and the crystalline structure has a negative charge, this lets them capture ions like ethylene, and store it.
( Rather like our Biochar captures carbon.)

But our Zeolite also has that extra ingredient - Potassium.
It's coated with the stuff.

Why ?

Well it's because when there is a low level of potassium around your fruit, veg and flowers - even when cut - increase their emissions of Ethylene.
So we increase the Potassium - simples.

(Don't worry, both our Zeolite and the Potassium it's dipped in has been approved as organic by 'OMRI', I will send you the certificate if you like.)

Some other tips for making sure your fruit and vegetables last as long as possible.

Always try and store everything nice and dry.

Hate to say it, but bruised fruit and veg give off more Ethylene and so decay more quickly.

Bowls of fruit look lovely, but store them away from sunlight.

Keep high Ethylene producing fruit away from other produce.
These include apples, pears, apricots, nectarines, peaches, avocados and, of course, bananas.

( Incidentally if you want to ripen fruit quickly put them in a paper bag with a ripe banana or apple - don't leave it too long though, and check regularly !)

If you don't mind being bored some more hearing about how we save waste, or at least put it to good use, take a look at some of our other pages.

For example

Everything we offer is guided by sustainability, although we definitely think people need sustaining too !
Just take a look at the people who make our Adirondack chairs

Fresh Pods come with 4 sachets
( Use 2 sachets every 6 months )

Fresh Pod £12.90
Buy Now

4 Refill Sachets £7.90
Buy Now

Putting something back - Organic, Sustainable, Biodegradable - Just growing Natures Way